TerraTrike University

Portfolio Categories: Branding, UI/UX, and Web.

TerraTrike is the largest manufacturer of recumbent tricycles in the World. Once seen as a strange fluke of cycle engineering, recumbent trikes have come into their own in the last decade as an easy, safe, fun and comfortable way to get around by your own power. This website to train dealers in the assembly and sales of TerraTrikes product collection was a real front-to-back solution.

Involving logo design, brand standards and custom icon development, screen flows and UX, custom WordPress template development, learning management system (LMS) integration and customization as well as video scripting, storyboarding, design and editing, TTU was a huge undertaking. This project can truly be said to have touched on a little bit of everything creative I’ve been learning in the last 5 or 6 years. It has been extremely well-received and is currently in phase two development.


  • Logo design and design standards
  • Screen flows and UI/UX concepting
  • Custom WordPress theme and template development
  • WordPress learning management system (LMS) integration and customization
  • Video scripting, production and effects